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Bumpy beech tree - are they burls or parasitic?

Observed: 13th November 2012 By: stevenelawson
2012-11-13 10.25.16
2012-11-13 10.24.28

Quite an amazing sight - dozens of rounded bumps on the trunk of this beech (plus a couple of bracket fungus, if you look closely). I'm curious about all those lumps.


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bumpy beech

If you move this to "plants" you might get more of a response

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Will do, thanks

Will do, thanks

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reaction growth....

....this looks like reaction growth to me - this is where the tree bark is weak or exposes the innards and the tree responds by basically trying to make itself stronger at the area of of that weakness. This results in lumps and bumps appearing. Get a tree surgeon to look at these and he will know for sure.