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Common Lizard?

Observed: 14th November 2012 By: ar8922
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Sorry, not great photos but I'm pretty sure this is juvenile Common (or Viviparous) Lizard but I would appreciate confirmation or correction from any experts.
Also, is anyone able to identify the sex?

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And What's More...'s lost it's tail at some stage. They grow back, but never perfectly. It probably won't get any better than this.
When the tail is shed (grabbed by a predator) it breaks away, but continues to writhe in order to divert the predator.
Should it be necessary to pick up a lizard (and I hasten to say you shouldn't) don't pick them up by the tail.

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Thanks Simon

I didn't pick this one up but it chose to walk on me and seemed happy to wander around my hand and arm for a few minutes.

Any idea as to the sex?

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No idea. The ones I usually see have disappeared for the winter now; but on warm days it's not uncommon to see half adozen or more. I think they're super little creatures.



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I agree, lovely wee beastie and this one seemed to like me too.

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A late sighting

Very late in the year for these to be out and about - should really be hibernating!

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Thanks Glen1

From what I've read I'd agree with that but this is Devon and the usual rules often don't apply. It was also particularly sunny and quite warm today... I was certainly working up quite a sweat clearing scrub!