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Woodland plant

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Yes, that looks likely to me. Over-excited mis-placed confidence on my ID....

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Ha! Ha!

It was that one, black, berry, wasn't it?

All the Hypericums look the same to me, at a glance. Errr, I mean that as a good thing - they are easy to ID to genus, less so for species.

My favourite is H.perforatum where, as you would expect from the name, the foliage is perforated so if you hold a leaf up to the light, you can see the dots.

Still not sure about the name "Tutsan" though. I've only ever known this group as St John's Wort."Tutsan" is (to me) one of those silly names like Blinks, or Sowbread, that no-one ever uses in real life.

Rachy Ramone

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The large sepals also distinguish Hypericum androsaemum from at least some of the other tutsans. The sepals and leaf shape would, I think. be enough for identification in the absence of the berry.

With regards to vernacular names, I use tutsan for section Androsaemum, Rose-of-Sharon for Hypericum calycinum, and St. John's wort for the herbaceous species. (Or, when scribbling notes in the field, "ttsn", "ros" and "sjw".)