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Robin eating a worm

I was watching a robin eating a worm on my patio the other day. It was pecking at it and shaking it around. I'd assumed it was eating small bits of the worm at a time, but then suddenly, it ate the whole thing in one.

So I now assume that it was killing it first. Is that likely to be the case?

(I know I wouln't like a worm wiggling in my belly!!)



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The worm is unlikely to have been killed, just slowed-down a hell of a lot.

Ever watched a thrush or blackbird eating slugs?
They spend an age wiping them backwards and forwards on the ground or in grass - presumably to remove most of the slime.

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I've seen other birds do this too. Maybe it is to immobilise the worm so that it doesn't somehow block the oesophagous before it hits the stomach.