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Query Dytiscus marginalis

Observed: 13th November 2012 By: mjhmjh’s reputation in Invertebratesmjh’s reputation in Invertebratesmjh’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found in overnight moth trap.

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ID comment

Hi, you have got to wonder how a diving beetle got into a moth trap.

I believe that there are several very similar species and a detailed examination of the underside is necessary to go to species level, perhaps an ID of just Dytiscus would be safer.

Edit - there are 4 species apparently.

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I agree that Dytiscus is

I agree that Dytiscus is probably the appropriate ID as it's hard to say which Dytiscus species this is.

Although largely aquatic animals, water beetles are often quite capable fliers and move between ponds on the wing. Water beetles are usually one of the earliest colonisers in new ponds for this reason. They often fly at night and can be attracted by light hence this one's presence in a light trap.

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Thanks everybody.

Thanks everybody - very helpful. If I get another one, I'll examine the underside!