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Kings heath park 2

Observed: 11th November 2012 By: richardgreen
kings heath park 2
kings heath park 1

I do not recognise this ornamental plant and wonder if anybody else knows its identity

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What it's not

Leaves palmately 3-5-nerved at the base (therefore not Davidia), alternate (therefore not Catalpa), lacking a bluish cast (therefore not Cercidophyllum, lobed or unlobed.

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Looks kind of right for mulberry


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I nearly put that in as an ID ...

... as the mixture of lobed and unlobed leaves matches, but in the photographs I looked at the shape of the lobes in mulberries was different. I also considered paper mulberry and sassafras, and even paulownia, but I wasn't convinced by any of them.

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Definitely not....

....paulownia, I'm very familiar with them, and they are a) soft and velvety rather than shiny and deeply veined: and b) the points of the lobes are very different from that shown here, being much more to the outside of the leaf, if you see what I mean.

The lobes of this specimen are way, way too deeply cut for paulownia.

The leaves are also rather too small, although I do realise that leaves vary with the conditions.

Also not Davidia, for more reasons: not matte, for a start, and although Davidia have the long "tails" of the younger leaves (in the second photo) they don't develop those deep lobes.

*scratches head*

I've googled for images of Morus a platonifolia, and it could be that....

Rachy Ramone

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I'd agree with Morus alba 'Platanifolia'

[which may also go by the name of Morus alba 'Macrophylla']

Morus alba 'Platanifolia' is sufficiently aberrant that it doesn't match what you expect to find with Morus alba, so if you don't know the former you'll have a little difficulty.