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The at either end of the abdomen is one feature that rules out Willow Emerald.

Other features that show it is not this species are the long lower appendage at the end of the abdomen (much shorter than the upper appendage in Willow Emerald), and the size and general shape (Willow Emerald is larger, and appears 'longer' - although these differences are subtle, and not significant if you don't already know the species!).

It is difficult to conclusively rule out Scarce Emerald Damselfly (RObust Spreadwing) from this photo, but the blue on the second abdomen segment seems a bit extensive, and Scarce Emerald can often be slightly bulkier.

The colour of the pterostigmas are more useful to rule out Willow Emerald than to identify the species. If the pterostigmas are dark (and this is not just an effect of the lighting/angle of view), then you don't have a Willow Emerald, if they appear pale you might still have another Emerald Damselfly/Spreadwing species (the pterostigmas start off pale and become darker). In this photo the pterostigmas look a little too dark for Willow Emerald Damselfly.

It does get easier! :o)

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Thank you!

I clearly need to get my eye in. Looking forward now to next summer and checking out the various Ashdown Forest species at the numerous ponds here within walking distance.