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Fibrecap mushrooms?

Observed: 2nd May 2010 By: liz_isabella

These densely clustered purple mushrooms were spotted near a path through a wooded area. There was a lot of mulch around and it had been raining.
They had gills, but didn't have rings.
They seemed slimy, and were this intense purple. No noticable smell.


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Too blue to be blewits: as a first guess they could be Amethyst Deceivers. As the name suggests, these are very variable.

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I think this may be too early

I think this may be too early for Amethyst Deceiver. My guess would be that these mushrooms are associated with the woodchip mulch - and as such may not be our usual native species.

Rob Coleman

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Fungi on woodchip

That's a good suggestion: I remember now reading (in British Wildlife, I think) that some new species ere being seen in the UK as a result of the widespread use of woodchip. Some is imported, which I guess helps bring in the exotics.

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Exotic visitors?

That's fascinating; it didn't occur to me that it could be anything other than a local inhabitant.

Thanks for your responses!

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Have only just had a look at

Have only just had a look at this observation, any chance of being more specific about just where it was as I may nip out and have a look as I live quite close and they might still be there.

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They're near the sports pavilion on the OU grounds. If you come off the bridge across the canal, and turn right to go towards the pavilian, they're in a clump under some trees. There should be a rubbish skip nearby.

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I went back and I think I may have found the clump you mentioned, see the brown fungi in the second picture of my observation. I suspect the bright bluish ones you observed had changed to brownish and the new young ones in the first picture of mine were more like the ones you saw when they were fresh. Anyway I think they are wood blewitts but I am not certain about this, seem to recall seeing them in spring as well as autumn but not quite as bright blue/purple as this. The shape and size of mushroom and the type and colour of gills are all reasonable for wood blewitt which can be this purple colour turning brownish with age.