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Sticky dew and white stuff on money plant

Observed: 10th November 2012 By: Nathalie F

For nearly 4 months now this problem has been getting seriously worse. My money plant is being invested by something that makes it really sticky and has white type scales. I have been told that this is not scale insect, so what is it and how can I save my beloved money plant? Thank you


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It might be one of these pests, this link might help.

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Your money plant is invested...

...or did you mean infested! Freudian slip, I think!

I can't help with the infestation, but I can suggest that you take some cuttings from this plant - just snip off a branch, remove the lower few leaves and push into a pot of soil.

If you take cuttings that are clean of the infestation - and I would suggest simply "rinsing" the cutting under the tap before potting it, it might help - and keep them in a different room, they should be ok.

Next year, if you have been unable to save the original plant, you should at least have some replacements.

Any spares can be passed on, thus increasing your good luck.

Rachy Ramone

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jade plant

Are there two different things going on here - a lot of the growths appear to be at nodes - could they be adventitious roots that attempt to grow but when they do not come into contact with the soil they wither? The other perhaps being an insect (scale?) infestation.

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I've had this before. It can

I've had this before. It can easily spread to other plants so watch out. It particularly likes yucca plants. They look almost like little larvae and have a kind of sticky substance around them. You can try washing the leaves gently with a very mild solution of washing up liquid and water, this seems to work for me and keeps them at bay.