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Ash die back 1

Observed: 10th November 2012 By: Bondy
Ash die back 1

Leaves on saplings starting to turn black, and leaves also full of black spots.

  • ash die back
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Maybe a little early... diagnose Ash die-back, don't forget that perfectly healthy Ashes are losing their leaves at this time of year.

In a diseased tree, the browning starts at the tip of the leaf and moves up the central spine.

Not the case here - the spines of your leaves are still green.

Also there would be lesions or wounds on the stems, particularly the main trunk - did you see any of those?

One of those odd cases where I sincerely hope that your ID is wrong!!

Rachy Ramone

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ash die back

I did not spot any lesions on the stems,but the tree,s were only saplings, maybe 4-5ft tall.