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CD eater

Observed: 1st November 2012 By: Machynys

A CD got dropped behind my desk some time ago and I did not bother moving my desk to get it out until I needed it. When I did I found that it had been eaten as if by micro slugs, the tracks are exactly 1/10th of a mm wide


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How amazing! I've never heard of anything like this before, so I googled "Bugs Eating CDs." It came up with this:

Apparently it's a fungus, but seems to like tropical conditions... is your desk in a particularly humid room?

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CD Eater

My desk is in the spare bedroom with no heating turned on I only heat it when I am using it. The "fungus" on the cd seems very inteligent as it seems to stop at an existing grazed line turn around head in another direction in tick over mode i.e. dotted line and start again in earnest somewhere else. But there again apart of one track ventures about 1mm under a label.
This is in S Wales not some tropical country.

Billy Wix

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mouse urine?

mouse urine?