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Small moth on woodland herb

Observed: 6th May 2010 By: Melica
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More on NBN Gateway

As with Dolicoris baccarum, Anthophila fabriciana appears to be uncommon in the East Midlands on the NBN Gateway maps, but describes it as 'A small, but very common species, occurring throughout Britain'. Looking at the datasets available, there do not seem to be any for many areas of the country. This will presumably affect the apparent distribution.

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Many moths are underrecorded

Many moths are underrecorded on the gateway as moth recording is largely based at the county level with county recorders, as opposed to the national schemes for other taxa, so it may well be known from your area without yet having made it to the NBN - although micromoths are notoriously underrecorded.

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county moth recorders

To send in moth records contact your county moth recorder - details are at:

Data for the larger (macro) moths is now widely available on the NBN Gateway, thanks to the National Moth Recording Scheme collating data provided by the county recorders, but as yet there is no national scheme that covers all micro-moths, so we don't yet have an effective way to get micro-moth data onto the NBN maps.

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