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Long tailed tit

Observed: 20th December 2011 By: Rachy RamoneRachy Ramone’s reputation in BirdsRachy Ramone’s reputation in Birds
Long tailed tit

I usually get these in a flock round about February time: but for the last two years, they've been arriving in December.
I assumed this was due to the cold winters we'd been having?
I have already seen them this week - November - which is even earlier.
They seem to be very short-sighted: if I am out in the garden and stand still, they fly all around me to get to the feeders.
They are my absolute favourites!

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In common with one or two other species, like Goldfinches, these have been turning up in gardens with increasing regularity in recent years. Not that many years ago they would not come near a bird feeder, now they are regulars on them. Super birds, as you say, and amazing the way they roost all fluffed up together!



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Lovely Birds

As a fourteen year old I found a nest and spent the season observing it. Thus I independently discovered that an unpaired bird will assist the parents feeding the young. It was this experience which lead me to understanding watching birds need not be just passively watching something as an aesthetic, as nice as that is. I have had a soft spot for them ever since, adorable aren’t they.

And Ian, that is a lovely little clip. I just love the way each newcomer has to bundle into the middle.



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Ian, what a wonderful clip! I love the way the first and second ones do some grooming, but later arrivals just wriggle and flap their way straight in to the warmest part.

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