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Observed: 4th May 2010 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Black beetle, about 1cm in length, with reddish brown legs. Some green iridescence observed.

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Click Beetle

It's not Pterostichus madidus as that has a typical ground beetle shape whereas this is more of a Click Beetle (Elateridae) shape. (Also notice the elongated spiky form at the hind angles of the pronotum.)

I think this might be a female Ctenicera pectinicornis but don't have the references to be sure. (I think C. cuprea can be all green too.) Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm or correct the ID.

Nice photos of a lovely beetle.


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Yes, definitely a click

Yes, definitely a click beetle - but the antennae are too short and the overall shape too broad for C. pectinicornis. I think there is a good chance this is Selatosomus aeneus - which usually has the red legs like your specimen.

Rob Coleman

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Click Beetle


Thank you both for correcting my identification. My excuse is that my insect guide does not include Selatosomus aeneus! Pterostichus madidus was the closest match I could find, especially with the brown legs, but the body of the beetle in the photograph appears to be a little longer than my guide shows for Pt. m..


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Ah yes, that looks much

Ah yes, that looks much better. Thanks Rob.