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Great crested newt

Observed: 7th January 2012 By: Rachy RamoneRachy Ramone’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
great crested newt

I am forever finding these guys in my front garden - although there is no pond (or soil!) they seem to like hanging out in, and underneath, my plant pots. This was one from last winter.

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They seem to like your garden -

Is there space to create a small refuge (say a small rubble heap) for them to over-winter in?

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No need...

...they seem to hunker down wherever takes their fancy. I have a large number of plants in pots, in neat rows, creating a grid of "tunnels" where birds can't get at them, but which are kept moist and shady.

They stand on shingle, and the newts (I get another sort, pale brown ones, orange underneath, as well) seem to like it there. Sometimes they are just there on the shingle when I lift the pots, sometimes they sneak their way up the drainage holes and get evicted when I pot up, or check the pots.

They seem very tolerant of occasional disturbance, as they are here year on year, and I am always careful not to squash them!

For a couple of years I tried rehoming them to one side of the yard, under cover of dead shrubs, but they just wander back to the "working" side of the garden.

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