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Observed: 6th November 2012 By: western volewestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenswestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenswestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Cap about 7cm wide, dark brown with slight umbo and pale buff colour towards the edge, greasy appearance. Gills whitish, broad and free of stem.Stem paler colour than cap and hollow. Dozens scattered randomly amongst pine needles in a conifer plantation.


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Your right I think they can be rather variable depending on the weather conditions too,I have found all of mine in Conifer woodland were it is hard to get a good photo as its always rather dark.


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If it wasn't for the large size quoted, I would have called it Mycena pura. That's still what I think it is, but colours are rather dark. Maybe one of the satellite species. Not a Gymnopus (Collybia) I feel sure.


Note added in edit: after further checking I have added the ID. I have never seen typical M. pura reach 7cm, as I recall, but var. lutea can, and evidently var. violacea does too.

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I to am not sure now after going on the full image but I cannot think of anything else,I apologize and have removed my agreement


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Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the interesting advice, I was not completely sure but will look into type quoted further.