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Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Observed: 6th November 2012 By: stevenelawsonstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2012-11-06 10.30.25
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Amazing sight on a big old beech tree - tier upon tier of beautiful, unmarked Branched Oyster mushrooms (check out the gills running in grooves down the stems in the photo - thanks to Flaxton for pointing out this characteristic in an earlier post). Caps were a lovely grey/brown with a hint of lilac. Creamy/white gills. This discovery made my day yesterday!


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I would have said P.ostreatus common name Oyster mushroom cap colour variable from bluish-grey or brown.I f you wish to change it I can then agree also favours Beech very nice photos I have never seen that many on one tree.I may be wrong but my gut instinct is P.ostreatus.


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Hi, The reason I went for

The reason I went for Branching Oyster is that the gills clearly run all the way down into grooves on the stem, which I believe is a characteristic of P.conrucopiae rather than P.ostreatus (it was Flaxton who pointed this out on an earlier post). You can see on the close-up of the gills how grooved the stems are. Does P.ostreatus also have this? I thought that P.ostreatus rarely had much of a stem at all, let alone one with grooves like these, but I could be wrong (I usually am!!).

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P.cornucopiae most certainly

P.cornucopiae most certainly has a very clearly defined stem more like a traditional mushroom. These do not.

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Okay, you have convinced me.

Okay, you have convinced me. I'll change my journal record for this one. Many thanks for putting me right,