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European Goldfinch

Observed: 6th November 2012 By: chrisbrooks
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European Goldfinch
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HI Chris, over the last

HI Chris, over the last couple of weeks, many of the small birds have left the cliffs and chines and even in the public gardens, although I notice more in suburbia. What is the situation your way?

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Hi Robert, there's plenty of small birds in the open countryside, Linnets, Buntings, Finches etc but getting near them is the problem. The Red Kites are back so looking forward to that. In the town I've not noticed a difference really, there seems to be a fairly static population. Chris.

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Static population

...or constantly turning over as new birds come in and replace old ones. I've said it before, but ringing Goldfinches in my garden has shown that if there are 10 birds on the feeders each day, they are totally different birds every day. A couple of winters ago, I ringed 200+ in a few weeks and never recaught a single bird. In contrast, Greenfinches are constantly recaught as they stay local to the garden.


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Interesting, I always thought that the Goldfinches in my garden were the same birds every day as there seems to be about the same number, I'll look at it differently from now on.