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What is wrong with this pinecone?

Observed: 6th November 2012 By: Toralu

I found this pinecone a couple of years ago (I can't remember the exact date) in a small patch of pine trees overhanging a garden. I thought it might dry out and change but it didn't and I'm wondering why it is shaped like it is as I've not seen another one like it, does anyone know why it is all puffed out like this?

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It is probably one of the

It is probably one of the pine cone that requires the heat of a forest fire to open it.
See also Pinus pinea in which the hot summer sunshine will also cause the basal scales to open, pushing the cone off the tree. Number of needles in the tuft might help to Id it.
Sometimes only some scales get pollinated which causes the cone to grow lopsided.


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Thanks, I'll check that out :D I'm not sure about the fire thing because the other cones were normal, but I'll check to see if I can find out what tree it is, thanks :)

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Could it be a dud or an

Could it be a dud or an infertile cone of some sort? Or a mutant?