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Observed: 13th October 2012 By: vivmbrooks
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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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ID as schizophyllum

I've just done a search on Schizophyllum and all the images I've seen have distinctive gills.
In the photos I've supplied the fungi doesn't. The fungi was very small (this picture was taken with a macro converter lens) and growing on a hazel twig. I don't think it's schizophyllum.

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Stereum rameale is best guess

Stereum rameale is best guess but expect microscopy required for exact species.

All given ID's are subject to error/ommissions. Please seek independent verification before acting on ANY advice given. BE SAFE =)

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Possible Stereum

I've done my usual search for Stereum hirsutum which I do know anyway and I don't think this is stereum.
I submitted this to ispot because I saw something which I think was the same as this on ispot, having searched for fungi on hazel in Google, submitted by angelena in 2006 The advice then was to try to get a better (the fungi being fresher) image of the fungi so I hoped that submitting these photos would be enough to elicit an identification.
Once again this fungus was small, unrecognisable as such with the naked eye, at least my ageing naked eyes. If you look at the background the twig which fills the picture was at most 5mm diameter. This should give some indication of the size of the fungus, The fungi are of uniform size and development suggesting that they are fully formed.
On the subject of microscopy have you any advice about this? How would one go about this? I live very close to Vann Lake which is where people from Kew investigate fungi, so as you may imagine it is a very good area for fungi so being able to pin down exact identification would be desirable.