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Garden Escapee?

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it was taken with a flash on a dull and, as you can see, rainy day. Even so, the colour is true and unlike any Mallow I have observed or seen illustrated. There is also the bright yellow colour of the centre of the flower which is not altogether characteristic of Mallow. All that said, I am at a loss to suggest what else it might be and so cannot disagree with you. No one else is hazarding an ID, so thanks.


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It might well be what I call Malva sylvestris Mauritiana Group, which is a Mediterranean form of the species (geographical variation in traits is not correlated enough to justify infraspecific taxa). This has larger, magenta, flowers.

It hadn't clicked, but yes, yellow pollen/anthers is not normal - Malva s.l. (including Lavatera) runs to white pollen/anthers, but it's pink in Malope and purple in Althaea.

One of the characteristics of Malva section Malva is a reduced number of (pigmented) petal veins (as low as 3 in some species). In most species the veins radiate from the base. In Malva sylvestris there are 5 (occasionally 7 in Mauritiana Group), but they are fused towards their bases as seen here.