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Wild cat?

Observed: 27th March 2006 By: helen webb
wild cat?
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This is a domestic cat. At

This is a domestic cat. At best it might be a hybrid. Why? See http://www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/publications/commissioned_reports/356.pdf pages 6-8.

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Looks pretty wild to me! Why don't you send your photos with details of time, date & place ("Cruachan Buildings" doesn't give geographic details) to:


It would help if you've any other pictures that show any other details of the cat, especially the tail. It wouldn't matter if they aren't good photos as long as some detail can be added from them.

An excellent cat, whatever its identification.

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The extensive white muzzle

The extensive white muzzle excludes pure wildcat in the absence of any other feature - see the reference I linked to. In addition, there is no visible striping on the sides, which all pure wildcats will show. It is a feral domestic cat or hybrid.

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EOL shows photos of Scottish Wildcats, all of which have white muzzles.

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Any identification of

Any identification of 'Scottish wildcat', from picture or specimen, which has not been assessed against the criteria in that 2010 report cannot be regarded as a robust identification. See criterion 8, page 8.

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Criterion 8, page 8

Is that a subsection of catch 22?