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Large brown mushroom at base of tree

Observed: 23rd October 2012 By: sevenlochssevenlochs’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Several of these large brown mushrooms were discovered by us in a primarily birch woodland. If more info will help to ID them please let me know and I'll make sure to improve my description in future.


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Fungi are hard to identify and there are certain points that help with determining an identification it is a fascinating subject.The main points are take a clear photo of cap,gills and stem note if cap is dry,greasy,scaly,not if gills are free,adnate, decurrent,stem if hollow full,has a ring bulbous,all these terms are in the front section of most fungi books.The other factors are some fungi exude milk when the gills or stem is damaged,some change colour when cut or bruised and some have distinctive smells.
Tree type is important and also if you fancy a go take a spore print pop it on a sheet of paper gills down and cover with a small container and you will get a print the following day.I hope I have not bombarded you with information but it all helps and look forward to your future postings of fungi

Best Wishes


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Very helpful

Many thanks for the advice, I've made a note of this and have created a sheet to hand out to my volunteer group.

I hope to post more images in the future with more helpful descriptions!


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No offence intended, but

No offence intended, but photos of people pointing at mushrooms do not greatly enhance the likelihood of their identification.

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No offence taken! I put that photo in as an illustration of the habitat, not of the mushroom.

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good idea

I thought it was a good idea as it also show's the tree and how it is growing and that's the only reason on your previous ob that I know it was a very old coppiced tree.
You can put on what you want as long as it's not rude :)