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(Ground?) Beetle

Observed: 29th May 2007 By: djm4djm4’s reputation in Invertebratesdjm4’s reputation in Invertebrates

Shiny black beetle on a rock inn grassland near some cliffs on Wee Cumbrae island. I don't know my beetles at all - a Ground Beetle was a close a match as I could find, but there seem to be many similar species.

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I'm hoping someone with an

I'm hoping someone with an inordinate fondness for beetles will be able to identify this.

David Matthewman

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I think its likely to be A.

I think its likely to be A. parallelepipedus, a large ground beetle (c2cm), the only one in its genus that occurs in the UK. You can't quite make out the key ID feature in this photo (for most ground beetles a specimen would be required to give an unequivocal ID), but a number of other features match. I've found them in similar-sounding habitat in SW Ireland.

Rob Coleman

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Thanks! I've added a second

Thanks! I've added a second photo of it, in case that helps at all (I suspect not, as it's not all that different a view).

David Matthewman

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second photo

Yes, the second photo is helpful (shows the 'shoulders' of the wing-cases [= elytra] nicely), and I think confirms Rob's original identification.

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