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Observed: 5th November 2012 By: ElvirabagladyElvirabaglady’s reputation in Invertebrates
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These flies are hatching somewhere in my kitchen. I don't know where, but this is the 3rd yr in a row they have infested my kitchen. They hatch en masse and I end up with thousands at a time. Could someone let me know what they are?

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Sure they are not coming in

Sure they are not coming in through sink overflow pipe, hatching in the drain?


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These hatch in earthworms.

These hatch in earthworms. They don't live in drains. At this season they are coming inside looking for a place to hibernate.

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Cluster flies

If you google Cluster flies, you will find there are masses of sites with advice on how to deal with them, local council sites often. It is a common problem and nothing much to worry about, though a nuisance, undoubtedly.


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Cluster flies

Thanks so much for your comments, and thinking about it they could be hibernating in the feather-board cladding on the outside of my barn. It's impossible for me to seal cracks etc, and there is a lot of access for flies.

They are a nuisance, but at least I know what they are now and that they are nothing to worry about. Even though it's horrible it's astounding to see the numbers (it takes a lot of clearing up too!)