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Unknown Soil Meso Fauna

Observed: 1st November 2012 By: hart.kris1hart.kris1’s reputation in Invertebrateshart.kris1’s reputation in Invertebrates

Hi really need some help with this specimen. Never seen anything like it down the microscope and has some more learned than I baffled. Approx. 1mm. Colour not determined as the sample was stored in 70% ethanol for some time. comes from a Tullgren extraction of soil cores from a grassland.

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What size is it?

Have you got any more info? Eg size.

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Psylloidea sounds good and does look similar to those in the website. The position of the eyes, head shape and exoskeletal plates, and the thin whippy bits at the end of the short antenna all fit. Thanks for your help giving me a direction to go in.