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Sloe or bullace? (added via Android)

Observed: 5th November 2012 By: Will O'Connor
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Large sloe like berries could they be bullace instead? At least two to three times the size of the other sloes I've picked this year.

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I've found yellow bullace growing in an old overgrown garden up towards Essendon, among more common Damsons. The bullace taste fine when fully ripe, and are slightly bigger than the Damson.

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Notoriously hard to ID, as there are many levels of hybridisation between Blackthorn (P. spinosa) and Cherry Plum (P.cerasifera).

Some references say that Bullace fruit is distinguished from sloe by having a "crease" down one side. (Apart from being generally rounder, of course.)

Did your fruits have any sign of a crease?

(Couldn't spot it in the photos.)

And, as my research on this subject was done a couple of years ago, does anyone know if that "fact" is actually accurate?

Rachy Ramone

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Yellow fruits

The yellow fruits are more likely to be Prunus cerasifera which are stalked, yellow or red and very tasty! It should have green young twigs.