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Grey Topshell

Observed: 4th November 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebrates
4 Nov 12 (16)
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tall and pink

Far from grey in colour. And one wonders how tall is the profile here.
I am not casting doubt, only suggesting it's more difficult that one might think.

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Hi Derek, I honestly dont

Hi Derek,

I honestly dont think its as tricky as all that. The fine barring is unique to the best of my knowledge. Please link me something to the contrary if I am wrong on that?

The tallness of the spire is easily seen here and the brown-ness is accentuated by the flash. I honestly think there is staining involved here. A grey topshell which is taken from murky substrata wont be as clean as a live one on the rocks.

Im not 100% on it but I think this one came from among shingle and various organic detritus. The staining is consitent with that. Flash has definitely had an effect.

I hope I am right in saying the fine barring is distinctive- I think I am and it makes IDing these very straightforward.

Editing- I looked at your link there Derek to your 'flat greys'. Went over the discussion too. In the bit of researching I did around that I came to the conclusion that those flat looking finely barred ones were cineraria- the fine barring is too far removed from the broad barring of umbilicalis and there are no examples of intermediary 'medium' breadth barring. Re the flatness of those grey finely barred ones as in our ob.- they tend to be very small and they might just be juveniles of cineraria? Adult cineraria tend to be taller without exception in my experience.

Im not an expert and I am wide open to being completely wrong but thats what I think having looked at these a bit. I couldnt find a different species to match the small flat finely barred topshells, please share it with me if you have- I also think they are not juvenile umbilicalis because to the best of my knowledge I havent seen the adult of umbilicalis on my travels. Just lots of cineraria.

I'll be keeping an eye peeled though- more angles in my obs. above would have done no harm!

Cheers Derek.