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Observed: 4th November 2012 By: MaynorSmitMaynorSmit’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

1-3cm in height
Looks like yellow stagshorn but was on dead wood among deciduous tree, but I know they pretty much only live on conifers - could it be anything else? (some conifer could, I suppose, have been moved in by man)


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Probably Calocera viscosa

It seemed a rubbery fungus, which suggests Calocera viscosa rather than Clavulinopsis corniculata. In regard to the idea conifer could have been present is unlikely as it was a very old deciduous forest.
On the other hand, I saw piled wood nearby, obviously moves by man, with possible scorching on the ground. I gather therefore that the only explanation is that the fungus was Calocera viscosa growing on conifer moved into the area for burning ect.