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Angelica Sylvestris

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Umbeliferas - Angelica Sylvestris 3
Umbeliferas - Angelica Sylvestris 2
Umbeliferas - Angelica Sylvestris 1
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Not Angelica sylvestris

Foliage wrong. The sub-umbels should also be tighter and more distinct.

The foliage looks somewhat like Heracleum sphondylium (hogweed), but I'm not ready to call it as that, especially in the Pyrenees.

The bracts (at the base of the umbel) and the bracteles (at the base of the sub-umbels) often help in identifying umbellifers.

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Angelica ? Heracleum ?

Your notification about leave is correct, but shouldn't Heracluem have the external petals very divided and shouldn't it be pilose (or is it hairly in English ?)... I will try to get pictures of bracts soon...

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"Pilose" is OK

"Pilose" is OK in English botanical jargon; in the vernacular one would say "hairy" (no 'l').

I thought I was fairly clear that I didn't think it was hogweed, except that I don't have an alternative identification. I suspect that it's something not found (or very rare) in Britain.

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Change picture leaves

Thanks for your comments. I went back to tack better pictures of the leaves and I think there is little doubt now that it is Angelica Sylvestris

I have changed the original picture for the new one.