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Flower in Pyrenees

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A plant photo sent to me to identify but have no idea what it is... was taken at 3000m in the French Pyrenees

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Consider Asteraceae (Compositae). ideally foliage & overall plant pics would help.


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Yes, consider Asteroideae in

Yes, consider Asteroideae in the Gnaphalium sort of area. More pictures if we are to go any further.

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I had a look in an Alpine Flower guide, and Leontopodium alpinum looked to be the nearest match - but there should be fuzzy, silvery, bracts around the capitulescence.

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Thank you... I have uploaded

Thank you... I have uploaded two more photos that may be of some help?

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Great, that has enabled me to

Great, that has enabled me to get closer. Thanks, Martin.
It is related to a plant used to make a liquor in the Alps