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Fly with unusual pattern on wings

Observed: 20th October 2012 By: BalletBugBalletBug’s reputation in Invertebrates

Medium sized fly about 12mm long with very noticeable wings because of the dark curvy pattern standing out against the transparency of them. Shiny red-brown abdomen and thorax. Black hairs on thorax and a yellow bead-like lump sticking out at the back. A black lump sticking out of the back of the abdomen. Big pale green eyes.

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It looks like Euleia

It looks like Euleia heraclei.

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Can be dark or pale, as far as I know (though I'd be interested to know why the difference exists). I think that second generation Euleia heraclei are darker than first generation...perhaps they are just very variable.


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Eulia heraclei

Looking at other peoples photos of the Eulia heraclei I would say the fly with unusual pattern on the wings is definitely this! Thanks to all for helping identify this pretty fly.

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There is at least 2 pics on

There is at least 2 pics on EoL one showing a yellow scutellum the other a black one. Hence the reason for agreeing the ID.