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Cladonia - New Forest

Observed: 3rd November 2012 By: Natterjacktoad
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
Natterjacktoad’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNatterjacktoad’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNatterjacktoad’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

On dead wood.


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The photographs at maximum size are still rather small. I have copied them into Photoshop and blown then up, but it is still difficult to be sure of the characters. The left-hand photograph seems to show brown pycnidia on the cup rims, but the right-hand photograph seems to show some red.

Also, while there are some granules in the cups, it is difficult to make out their nature.

The overall colour, i.e. lack of yellow tints, would seem to vote against C. diversa, which would have been supported by red pycnidia, but many digital cameras don't record the yellow tints (usnic acid) anyway.

If the pycnidia are brown, then C. pyxidata or a variant in the C. chlorophaea group would both seem possibilities, depending on examination of the granules.

I have a slight leaning towards it being a squamulose state of C. pyxidata, but I am far from sure. It is a Cladonia!


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Thanks Alan for the

Thanks Alan for the comprehensive information. Lack of light meant that was the best I could do :(

I don't recall any yellow tints and the pycnidia were brown.

At least it's a Cladonia!


Sarah Patton