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Insect's nest ?

Observed: 3rd November 2012 By: jmd558
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If you reclassify this as invertebrate rather than other organism then invertebrate experts might be able to give you a more specific ID.

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Possible wasp nest

Thanks David. I'll try to reclassify it. It was the first time I had uploaded anything to i-spot so I wasn't sure what I was doing. I'll have another go. Joan


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Welcome to iSpot.

Usually when the uploader suggests an ID for something iSpot assigns it to the correct group (Inverts in this case). If you upload something without an ID however the system cannot know what do do so it is best to select from the drop down and tell it.

Given how busy iSpot is a lot of people only look at groups of their own interest so getting it into the right group improves the chance of getting an ID.