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Unknown plant

Observed: 3rd November 2012 By: phowsonphowson’s reputation in Plantsphowson’s reputation in Plants
Unknown plant
Unknown plant
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No interactions present.

Species with which Stinking Iris (Iris foetidissima) interacts


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2 plants

I think you have 2 different plants here, image 1 looks like a rhododendron and image 2 an iris.

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Yes, that had me confused...

...for a moment: the main plant in the first photo is definitely not an iris !!

But as the hand is clearly showing us the berries of the background plant, I guessed that's the one to which Phil is referring.

Interesting that this plant is known historically as "Roast Beef plant" whereas we call it "Stinking Iris". Says something about the way they used to eat their meat, back then, doesn't it?

Rachy Ramone

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