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Spider with parasite?

Observed: 9th July 2012 By: kereddotkereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrates
spider with parasite?

Note the parasite.

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Red mites

The red parasites on harvestmen are the larvae of Erythraeidae mites - those predatory red mites you sometimes see on dry walls & paths. One species, Leptus phalangii, is a specialist on harvestmen, but I don't know how to identify these.

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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Harvestmen with short legs on

Harvestmen with short legs on urtica: normaly
Oligolophus tridens, but the pic is suboptimal.

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Difficult to be sure with this picture...

I am sure this is an Oligolophinae. But not sure that we can see a trident, could be some little tubercles like in Mitopus morio.... Legs have got some careneous edges but I am not sure that this is like in Mitopus morio. That why I propose Oligolopus. But color and spines on legs show more a Mitopus morio...