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Observed: 7th August 2012 By: kereddotkereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Hi Kereddot and Altus

Hi Kereddot and Altus silva,

There seems to be a water droplet on top of the thorax giving it a really glossy appearance and an abnormal shape.
I thought it looked quite like C. glabratus- with a water droplet on it.


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I thought it was Carabus glabratus, partly because of it coming from Scotland, but it does not seem elongated enough. A pity there is not a dorsal view.

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Hi Dennis,I agree the

Hi Dennis,

I agree the location fits for C. glabratus. I think the overall shape looks very good for glabratus. Its abdomen is very humped and the elytra are typically smooth, just the very finest texture on them when looked at closely. It isnt a ridged/lined texture.

A photo and an illustration I have found online of C. convexus both show fine ridging on the elytra. The NBN map doesn't appear to show recordings of convexus in Britain?

It might be more accurate to say there is water resting on the protonum, the upper surface of the thorax.


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My mistake

C. convexus does not occur in Great Britain, indeed.