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Spider killing a bee

Observed: 12th September 2012 By: markjarvis15
spider bee

Saw this spider in a bush which had killed the bee and seemed to be holding it by the eyes. No visible web anywhere. Was wondering what the spider was as I couldn't find a reference to a UK spider, just US.

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Species with which crab spiders (Misumena vatia) interacts


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PS -I know Bredon / Bredons

PS -I know Bredon / Bredons Norton / Kemerton very well indeed - family live there. A wonderful place to look for wildlife!

Many thanks,

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Thanks All!

See quite a bit of wildlife around here, not so keen on this spider as I'm a bit of a bee fan!


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crab spider

This type of spider does not rely on a web but it grabs its prey as it passes - it often hides on the white part of flowers such as ox-eye daisies where it is camouflaged