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Fungi on tree

Observed: 24th October 2012 By: Snapp3rSnapp3r’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
group of 6
spotted this one different place is it  same ?

about 50mm in diameter with rippled texture,spotted on the Mendip hills growing on living tree 3rd pic were growing in moss on dead tree thought puffball only grew,on floor ?


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I always think of L perlatum

I always think of L perlatum as growing on soil and L pyriforme as the puffball that grows on stumps, but I've never seen L pyriforme with the warts like in your photos, so maybe this isn't it. Unless it has warts when very young, maybe?

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have not been able to

have not been able to identify thought maybe Morganella pyriformis but not sure, tree was growing as well . ?

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Sorry I can't help more. In

Sorry I can't help more. In the absence of any more comments here, you might consider posting the observation on the Wild About Britain fungi site Good luck, Martin