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Striped Hawk

Observed: 29th June 2012 By: Douglas
Butterfly Conservation
Invertebrates expert
Striped Hawk

One of several caught.
Caught at Eagle's Nest Field Centre (S. France) with MV trap.

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Some lovely observations

Some lovely observations Douglas, looks like you had a really succesful trip to France. Really interesting species and plenty of them.


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Thanks Cathal. Yep had a

Thanks Cathal.

Yep had a great time, some cracking moths that I'm unlikely to ever see at home! Slowly adding the images here, few at a time. Still got about 50 photos to post...

I posted a couple of topics on the BGM forum about the trip a while back; it has some images of what the site looks like, quite special:

Best wishes,


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I havent been on BGM so much

I havent been on BGM so much this past year as you will have noticed, only an odd post(frequently in the wrong forum!!), I did notice Simons post and your new title. Are you the sole Administrator now? Best man for it I'd say.