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If I search for the term "leaf mine", I get an error message = You must include at least one positive keyword with 5 characters or more.

The same problem arises with a search for "gall".



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Seems to occur

whenever all the words in the search term contain less than five characters. (e.g. "moth" causes the problem but "moths" does not).

David Howdon

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Which means that a host of

Which means that a host of organisms are beyond the scope of the search function - Barn Owl (Tyto alba) is just one of many. Perhaps someone could explain why search is limited in this way?

Robert Homan

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the short answer is that i

the short answer is that i don't know. I think there were discussions about limiting shorter words as it was bringing back to many results and putting a heavy load on the system or something.
The search is being redone as part of a redesign so I suspect there will be no change in the medium term but over the longer term it will be more flexible.
perhaps ask the question again in a few months time if there is no joy in the medium term.

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There is a work-around, which

There is a work-around, which is to use the map search


I just tried Tyto alba and that worked oK.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Work-around - daft but true!

The search only objects to requests where ALL the words are of 4 letters or fewer. However, some words, eg close, observation, identification, appear on all observations so a search for "close gall" or "observation tyto alba" will work.

(Edited: correction)

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Or use a date

For a while on iSpot ZA just adding a "1" solved this, but on the upgraded iSpot that does not appear to be possible again.

< edit > it works again.

Another workaround is to add a space. Of course, " " does not work, but an ASCII " " does; just at %20

So Disa will not work, but Disa%20 does. < edit > as does "Disa 1"