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Observed: 30th October 2012 By: PeterShirley11

Two of these moths came to an outside light over front door.

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Blair's Shoulder-knot (Lithophane leautieri) interacts


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Blair's Shoulder-Knot

Thanks Douglas. I would agree that they are Blair's Shoulder-Knots, having checked the text books. I saw them on 30 October 2012. Don't know why my camera put that Jan 2006 date on the pictures.

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Blairs Shoulder Knot

The ones I've ever had in my trap were greyer than this.....i think it's that which threw me. Right time of year for them.



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Thanks for clearing that up

Thanks for clearing that up Peter. It may be worth editing the observation so it displays the correct date.

Best wishes,


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can anyone identify the snail in the second picture?

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I think they look a rather

I think they look a rather warmer colour in the photos than they actually are, Geoff.
I did amend the date when I first put the photos on, but ispot reverted to show the camera date. First time I have used ispot, so probably did something wrong.