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Crested tit

Observed: 9th October 2012 By: ianbarnettianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birds
crested tit
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Latin names

You ought to add scientific names to these very nice sightings, just press "get recommended" having entered the common name.

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Thanks Chris, will do next

Thanks Chris, will do next time...


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One I have never seen before lovely photo


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disregard the above

Crested Tits do not exist !
They are an invention of the Scottish Tourist Board to entice birders to return to the Highlands each year in a never ending quest.

(as you may guess,I have never seen one either)

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Ha!Ha! Thanks 'notpop'. We

Ha!Ha! Thanks 'notpop'. We went in the summer and didn't see one. Went in October and were sat in the Glenmore cafe when one turned up at the feeders outside the cafe!! (the cafe was featured on autumnwatch few years ago).

We saw this one by the side of the Osprey centre at Loch Garten... very easy to see... they appeared regularly in the morning lokking for food at the site feeders!

But as for the Scottish Crossbill... now maybe that is an invention!!