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Perizoma juracolaria

Observed: 29th June 2012 By: Douglas
Butterfly Conservation
Invertebrates expert
Perizoma juracolaria

Caught at Eagle's Nest Field Centre (S. France) with MV trap.

    Likely ID
    Perizoma juracolaria
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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I had a look at it here

I had a look at it here Douglas:-

I dont think theres any doubt about the ID based on the markings, quite a distinctive pattern, the only challenge would be the slightly worn condition.


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Thanks Cathal. Yes I found

Thanks Cathal.

Yes I found that a very useful site while trying to ID all the ones not found in the UK (also have a french moth book) although I don't speak any french!!

Interesting, that map shown on the site for this species doesn't actually include the location where it was caught (which is a bit further South of the other known departments)

Moths are very under-recorder in France and I still haven't managed to find anyone to submit records to.

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Thats quite incredible, I bet

Thats quite incredible, I bet theres an amazing diversity present there.