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Yellow fungi

Observed: 28th October 2012 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Yellow Fungi 28.10.12.West Down
Yellow Fungi 28.10.12.West Down.2
Yellow Fungi 28.10.12.West Down.3
Yellow Fungi 28.10.12.West Down.4

Yellow fungi found near to another 'different yelow fungi' posted earlier in the week


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A picture of the gills would

A picture of the gills would help. It might be a waxcap

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Very unusual and distinct

Very unusual and distinct Umbro

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It had fillament gills.

It had fillament gills. Couldn't really get a pic without breacking it.Looked at waxcap photos and it certainly looked the same to me. Found a pic of a Parot waxcap that looked almost identical online

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