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Cranefly larva

Observed: 30th October 2012 By: hetwend
Cranefly larva

Found on a kitchen floor. A second one was also found, also indoors. It is a small, dry, greyish grub, scale to be deduced from the 50p coin it is photographed alongside. It is alive.

  • Cranefly larva
    Confidence: It might be this.
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does your kitchen have a flat roof with moss on top?
I have seen such roofs become water logged whereupon any invertebrates in the moss evacuate ,sometimes inwards.
Usually these are cranefly larvae or pupae.

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Thank you

Thank you notpop. I don't know what the kitchen roof is like as it's not mine! I put the observation in for a fellow (Aylesbury) Vale Conservation Volunteer. When we meet again next week, I'll pass the answer on and ask the question. Like most places, Aylesbury Vale has certainly had plenty of rain though with great potential for waterlogging! Thank you on behalf of the Conservation Volunteers, they will be as impressed as I told them that they would be.