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Large Mushrooms

Observed: 1st November 2012 By: The_Kingfisher

Does anyone know what these mushrooms are? They're pretty big, I think they look great in my garden!


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Can you pick one and take a photo of the gills and stem also measure the cap and stem ,also is it growing out of wood or just at the base of the tree in the soil


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Of course! I've added some photos of the underside of one (half of the cap fell off when I picked it sorry!).
They're growing out of the soil, but there is a lot of woodchip mixed in with the soil there where we had an ash felled. (not my decision!)
I measured the one pictured-the cap was 16cm wide and the stem was 14cm long.
Hope that helps.

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Deer shield

What a brilliant name for a mushroom! Thank you for identifying them for me.