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Scurfy Deceiver (added via Android)

Observed: 30th October 2012 By: stevenelawsonstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Wasn't entirely sure about ID because of depression in cap - was looking at various funnels, but brown, fibrillose stipe didn't match up with any.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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So Close

I would have gone more for Laccaria proxima which fits but did not want to put it on as your so close.The cap is scurfy,gills pink stem fibrous and becomes depressed in the centre when mature.


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So close...

Oh bugger it, am I ever going to get one of these right? Ha ha ha - don't worry Sheila, I'm not the least bit bothered about someone correcting me, honestly. I looked at Laccaria proxima too, but I wasn't sure what "scurfy" meant! All the best,

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put on

Get it put on so I can agree if you have a look at the front of your fungi book not sure if Collins is like mine I have a few but Micheal Jordans book has a list at the front of the book explaining what the terms mean
Scurfy -decorated with bran like flakes