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Green Caterpillars

Observed: 29th October 2012 By: JosephineJosephine’s reputation in Invertebrates

as they moved and stretched out there were yellow bands which were hidden when their bodies contracted, they were found on 3 very different plants

  • moth caterpillars
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Not convinced these three are all the same species, in the first picture the one on the top right seems to be a geometrid but the other two seem more noctuid like. A shot showing the arrangement of the pro-legs would be helpful. As would an indication of scale.

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? noctuid caterpillars

I didn't include the 3rd picture at first as it is a bit blurred.
They were very inactive in the garden - nocturnal feeders perhaps, but became active when I brought them in - hence unable to see and photo the legs. The little one was floating in a bowl of basil leaves I had left to wash so may have been nearly dead.
If noctuid could they be snout moth caterpillars. I don't have any nettles in my garden. One had been eating a fuschia.

Jo M