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Tiny black ball mushrooms

Observed: 5th November 2012 By: Headlands Prima...Headlands Primary Haxby’s reputation in Fungi and LichensHeadlands Primary Haxby’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

tiny black ball mushrooms with pale under, here nestling in a crack of a wooden platform. a maple tree overhangs it if this helps.
have added bigger of same type fromo a few days later if that helps with any identifications, gills under cap are beige, stalk white with dark flecks, though they were less flecky when smaller


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possibly lyophyllum decastes

possibly lyophyllum decastes but not really enough to go on with this photo. did the mushroom have white gills?

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possible id of mushrooms

hi, thanks for helping with this, the gills are white to beige and i've added another photo of a few days older one on i spot, if you can have another look that would be appreciated, ta andy

ps what do you think about this as a possibility? -
Leccinum roseofractum
have added a link:

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The Leccinum would have pores

The Leccinum would have pores under cap not gills, do you have a photo of the underside of the cap?

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Andy if you goto edit your

Andy if you goto edit your post you have the option of adding more photo's. Keep them all together, cheers.


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